Executive Board

Executive Board Members as of 20 November 2015


Position Name Credential Organization
President Ir Professor C S POON BSc(Eng), DIC, PhD, FHKIE, FHKCI The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Immediate Past President Ir Professor Albert K H KWAN BSc(Eng), PhD, FHKIE, MICE, CEng, FHKCI The University of Hong Kong
Vice-President (Administration) Ir Professor Adam CHOY MSc, CEng, MIStructE, MHKIE, MIEAust, RPE, RSE, 1RSE-PRC, FHKCI Consultant
Vice-President (Technical) Ir Professor Y L WONG DipCE, MEng, PhD, FHKIE, FHKCI, RPE, RI Department of Civil Engineering,
Chu Hai College of Higher Education
Honorary Treasurer Ir Dr Simon WONG BEng(Hons), MPhil, PhD, CEng, CPEng, MIStructE, MHKIE, MIEAust, MHKISC, FHKCI, MCSCEHKB The Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)
Honorary Secretary Ir Victor LO BSc(Hons), DipMS, MHKIE, FHKICA, FHKCI Public Body
Honorary Secretary Ir Dr P L NG BEng(CivE), PhD, MBA, FAIIB, MHKIE, MICE, CEng, RPE, FHKCI
Board Member Ir Alex LAI BEng(Hons), CEng, MICE, MIStructE, MHKIE, RPE(Civil & Struct), FHKCI Consultant
Board Member Ir C K CHEUNG BSc, MSc, MEng, DIC, MHKIE, FHKICA, FHKISC, FHKCI C&K Pacific Limited
Board Member Ir Dr Fiona W Y CHAN BSc(Hons), MPhil, PhD, MHKCI Public Body
Board Member Ir Dr Jaime YEUNG BSc, MBA, DBA, MHKIE, MIET, FHKICA, FHKCI Concrete Supplier
Board Member Ir Dr Jeffery LAM BEng, PhD, CEng, MIStructE, MHKCI Research Institute
Board Member Ir Kenneth PAK BEng, MSc, MHKIE, FHKCI, FHKICA Vocational Training Council
Board Member Mr. Otto MAK MSc, PgD, LLB, EMBA , FHKCI,  FHKCAC,MCIArb, AHKIArb,  CMIOSH, MHKCRA, MGAE, MHKNS, MHKMC,AMHKIE(IEng) Hong Kong Institution of Engineers AMC
Board Member Ir Raymond WAN MEng, CEng, MIMMM, MICT, MICE, FHKCI, MHKIE, RPE, BEAM Pro Materials Specialist
Board Member Ir Stanley TSE BEng, MSc, MICE, FHKICA, FHKCI Testing Body
Board Member Mr. Terry CHU BEng, FAIOB, MHKICW, MHKIPD, FHKCI Architectural firm
Board Member Ir Dr Tommy LO Dip, MEng, PhD, CEng, MICE, MHKIE, FHKICA, FHKCI City University of Hong Kong
Board Member Ir Vincent K F YUEN MSc PgDMS CEng MICE MCIOB
General Manager, Building Division
Gammon Construction Limited
Board Member Mr. Wan Chin Hung MEnv Mgt, CEM, FHKICA, MACostE, MRICS, MCABE, C.Build E, MCIOB, MHKICM, FHKCI Vocational Training Council