Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission




To become a renounced concrete institute in the Asia Pacific region.




  1. To promote the study and promote relationships and better understanding amongst the professionals in the concrete technological field.
  2. To facilitate the exchange of information and views, to collect and disseminate information pertaining to concrete technology development as well as other professionals in the concrete design, production, inspection and testing.
  3. To promote, establish and maintain a high ethical standard amongst the public and the industry engaged in professional concrete technology practices.
  4. To protect the mutual interests of the professional concrete technology practitioners.
  5. To promote and maintain a high quality concrete production system in the market through product conformity certification.
  6. To communicate with Government Departments and professional bodies in relation to the concrete technology development.
  7. To participate in research and development in relation to the concrete technology development .
  8. To produce such written materials as may be thought desirable for the promotion of the interests of the Institute and to disseminate this material as appropriate.
  9. To print and publish any newspapers, periodicals, journals, books, papers, circulars, or leaflets that the Institute may think desirable for the promotion of its objects.