Events & Seminars

New: Seminar programme 2016


(a) Prevention of Thermal Crack in Mass Concrete by Reducing the Peak Temperature with Phase Change Material – Ir Dr Jaime S. K. Yeung

The hidden weak links leading to RC corrosion – Ms. Christine Courtel


Seminars – on (i) Damage Assessment of Concrete Buildings after Fire, and (ii) Adverse Effects on Sprinkler Protection for Fire Shutters and New Development on Fire and Smoke Separation by Fabric Materials to Achieve Insulation Requirements (14 May 2016)

Seminar – “International Forum on Turning Waste into Sustainable Construction Resources” (20 April 2016)

Seminar on Sustainable Concrete Technology – a Korean Perspective, Prof. Jongsung SIM (23 Feb. 2016)

Seminar on Chloride Ingress and Reinforcement Corrosion in Concrete – Testing, modelling and validating

Prof. Tang Luping (7 Jan 2016)

Presentation materials for Annual Seminar 2015 (20 Nov. 2015)

Joint Seminar on Vertical Concrete Pumping: Techniques and Applications (31 July 2015)

Joint Technical Visit to Precast Concrete Production Plant in Shenzhen (18 April 2015)

Seminar on Durability Performance of Photocatalytic Concrete – Canadian Perspectives,

Dr Daman K. Panesar (5 January 2015, Monday)

Annual Seminar 2014 (7 November 2014)

1. Development of Architectural Precast Facade System – Ms. Ada Fung, JP

2. Lightweight concrete materials for construction industry – Dr Zhu Honggang

3. Reducing the cement paste volume to produce green concrete with low carbon footprint – Ir Prof. Albert K. H. Kwan and Ir Dr P. L. Ng

4. Mitigation Strategies for Early-age Shrinkage Cracking of Modern Concrete: Principle, Technology & Engineering Applications – Dr Tian Qian

5. Application of Specialized and Architectural Concrete – Ir Dr Jaime S. K. Yeung

6. Eco-friendly Construction Products from Waste Glass – Ir Prof. C. S. Poon

7. Waterproof Solutions for enhancing Durability of underground Reinforce Concrete Structures – Mr. Thomas Mole

Seminar on Temperature Rise Control for Massive Concrete Pours and Semi-adiabatic Curing Test for Evaluation of Adiabatic Temperature Rise of Concrete (28 March 2014, Friday)

Presentation Material

Seminar on Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix for strengthening retrofitting of reinforced concrete (28 February 2014, Friday)

Presentation Material

Seminar on The Myth of Heat Soak Test, its scientific basics – And how to supervise (7 December 2013, & 4 January 2014)

Presentation Material – The Myth of Heat Soak Test, its scientific basics

Annual Seminar 2013 (22 November 2013, Friday)

Below are the links to the presentation material:

1. Advantageous Properties of Polyurea and its Application in Protection of Concrete Structures from Water and Chemical Ingress – Mr. Ocean Lau & Dr. S. K. Yeung

2. Estimation of Chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion in concrete by ground penetrating radar (GPR) – Ir Dr Wallace Lai

3. Sustainable Repair Solutions to Aged Public Housings in Hong Kong. – Ir Chan Siu Tack

4. Solutions for Fire Safety Problems of Aged Buildings in Hong Kong – Ir K. T. Leung

5. Application of Electro-osmosis to Combat Water Leakage in Aged Buildings – Prof. Francis Lung

6. 運用外加劑技術改良建築修補加固材料的特性和品質表現 – 劉加平

7. Strengthening of Concrete Structures by Bolting of Steel Plates – Ir Dr Ray Su & Dr Li Lingzhi

Seminar on the New Hong Kong Concrete Code (31 August 2013, Saturday)

Annual Seminar 2012 (28 Dec 2012, Friday)

Quantitative Infrared Thermography Seminar